Event Questions

  • Are your events in English or Korean?
    • Our international events are specifically for Koreans and English speakers. Each event will have two hosts, English speaking and Korean speaking, to explain all the rules

  • Do I have to speak English well?
    • You can speak in any language you want, but basic English knowledge is useful to interact with non-Koreans.

  • Is five minutes per date long enough?
    • Five minutes turn out to be the perfect amount of time. It is short enough to leave your date wanting more if they are interested and five minutes is also not too long if the other person turns out to be someone you don’t want to talk to again. Also, a five-minute date allows you to meet 15-20 people in one night without getting exhausted

  • How many dates will I get at a Korea Speed Dating event?
    • You will normally get between 15-20 dates depending on the event. The event is full when we have reached 40 people (20 men and 20 women).

  • When should I arrive at the event?
    • Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that the hosts can register you and you will have time to get your free drink.

  • What happens when I arrive at the event?
    • When you arrive you will be welcomed by our hosts, checked in and given a personalized numbered name badge and a pen and invited to get your free drink. When everyone has arrived one of the hosts will do a short introductory welcoming speech, explain how everything works, and to make sure you have a good time.

  • What happens when the event starts?
    • Once the dating part of the event starts, those with badge number one will sit at table number one, those with badge number two at table number two and so on. After five minutes, we ring a bell, the girls will stay seated and all the guys will move to the next table . This continues (with a 10-15 minute break) until you have met everyone there.

  • What if I want to match with someone?
    • During the event, simply circle the number corresponding to the person that you liked on your Speed Dating Card we will provide you to indicate you want to see that person again. After the event, you will hand in your card to one of the hosts and they will compare all the Speed Dating Cards to find out the matches. If there is a match, we will send you their contact information within 24 hours of the event ending. We encourage everyone to choose up to 5 people to match with.

  • Meeting 15 to 20 people in a short time is a lot! How can I remember all the people that I meet?
    • We will give you a speed-dating card that allows you to make small notes about the people that you meet. Between each date you’ll have a very short time to write something that is useful to help you to remember that person.

  • Why can I choose to match up with only 5 people?
    • Korea Speed Dating believes that to make the event more useful to the participants in finding someone special then you should only choose people that you really want to see again based on your experience at the event.

  • How will I know if I get any matches?
    • After attending an event. Your hosts will compare everyone’s speed dating cards and determine who your matches are. We will send all your matches contact information within 24 hours of the event ending. To protect everyone involved in the event we will not forward anyone’s details unless there is a match.

  • Can I bring a friend to the event?
    • Yes of course. Many people like signing up with a friend to have someone to go with. There is also a discount if you bring a friend. The more friends you bring the bigger the discount.

  • Can I go to the event alone?
    • Definitely! Don’t worry about being nervous. Our hosts are there to make everyone comfortable and many people come alone. This really is a good chance to meet new people in the area.

  • Are drinks provided?
    • Each person is allowed one free coffee or tea.

  • How long does each event last?
    • We do our best to keep the event running to schedule which means the event will last just approximately two hours with a 10-20 minute break, and a giveaway contest at the end.

  • How should I dress for speed dating?
    • We do not operate a strict dress code, however, we generally advise you to be yourself! Wear what you are comfortable with but don’t forget that first impressions count!

  • What if I’m late to the event?
    • We understand things happen and people sometimes are late. If you are late the event will start without you. When you arrive you can join the event, but you will have missed your first dates.

  • What is the age range?
    • 23-36 (Korean Age 24-37)

  • How often do you have events?
    • At the moment we are planning to have 1 to 2 events per month. However, in the future, we will increase this to 3 or 4 events per month.

  • Where are your events located?
    • Currently, our events are located in a central area in Busan. They are always easy to find and near a substation. We always find a place that has a good atmosphere. In the future, we will expand to other cities throughout Korea.

  • Do you only do speed dating events?
    • We are planning to do many different kinds of events so join our Facebook page or subscribe to our email list. 

Booking Questions
  • How can I pay for a ticket to an event?
    • Please fill out the Event Registration form that corresponds with each event.You can send payment by either bank transfer or Paypal, and you will be automatically registered. After registration and payment, we will email you within 24 hours with confirmation.

      -Bank Transfer: National Agricultural Cooperative Federation – 302-0084-9562-51 under the name of 김지윤.
      -Paypal: sopia7118@gmail.com (The Prices in USD include the fees Paypal charges)

  • If I bring a friend can I get a discount?
    • Yes. The more friends you bring the bigger the discount. If the event is 20,000 won then:
      You and 1 friend = 38,000 won (2,000 won discount)
      You and 2 friends = 54,000 won (6,000 won discount)
      You and 3 friends = 68,000 won (12,000 won discount)
      You and 4 friends = 80,000 won (20,000 won discount)

  • What if I can’t do a Bank Transfer or don’t have Paypal?
    • Please email us on our contact us page with your contact information (phone number, email, Kakao ID, etc) and we will try to find an alternative method of payment.

  • Why do I need to book in advance?
    • We need to ensure a balance of men and women. We also need to ensure that enough people will be attending each event.


  • What if the event is full? Is there a waiting list?
    • Yes we have a waiting list that we can put you on. If someone cancels we can get in touch with you if you send us your email or other contact information on the contact us page.

  • What is the refund/cancellation policy?
    • We understand sometimes things happen! If you already paid and can’t come, please contact us know by email immediately. It is important that we have the same, or close to the same, number of men and women. This way we can ask another person on the waiting list to take your spot.

      – 5 days before event: Full refund (less a 3,000 won bank fee)
      – 4 days before event: 50% refund (less 3,000 won bank fee)
      – 3 days before event: No refund

Other Questions