How Speed Dating Works

Don’t worry if this is your first-time speed dating. We will talk you through it and explain everything before we start the event. These steps should explain how speed dating works.

Step 1 – First, arrive to the Speed Dating Event venue 10-15 minutes early. This way your host can sign you in, give you a number and show you where to sit. Also, this gives you time to get your free tea or coffee. Please don't be late so that there is an equal number of men and women at the event. Usually, between 30-40 people will come. 

Step 2 – Second, your hosts (one Korean and one American) will explain how everything works and get you ready for all your dates.

Step 3 – Third, the event begins! You will talk to each dater for 5 minutes. After each date, a bell signals it is time to move to the next table. The women stay seated while the men go to the next table. You will have a card to take notes about each date and you’ll be able to choose up to 5 people that you would like to meet again.

Step 4 – Fourth, halfway through the event, we will take a 10-15 minute break. So people can go to the bathroom, talk to a friend, or write notes about the people that you have already met.

Step 5 – Fifth, after the event, make sure to circle up to 5 daters on your card that you hope to match with. We will give you some time to decide.

Step 6 - Finally, hand us your card and we will see if you matched with anyone. We will send you the contact details of the people that you matched with within 24 hours.


Stay with us afterward and we will have a contest at the end of the event. We will give away a 40,000 won gift card to a nice restaurant in the area!